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·1044 words
How the Australian building industry and regulations failed to deliver a comfortable house.
Thermal bridges
·237 words
Steel beams are the weakest link. Thermally speaking.
Why NatHERS should be open source
··424 words
For transparency, progress and accountability of a model that is central to the Australian residential building sector affecting millions of people. (Ownership and control can remain with CSIRO.)
The confusion at the heart of the building code
·993 words
What are the goals of housing energy efficiency regulation? How does the current system deliver on those goals?
NatHERS is biased towards concrete
·783 words
NatHERS really likes concrete floors. If you don’t have a concrete slab, you will have a hard time getting your star rating. But this depends on at least two questionable assumptions.
NatHERS makes it hard to build small houses
·850 words
Or to put it another way, NatHERS lets big houses off the hook. In two ways. Because small houses naturally have more surface area; and energy use limits are per square metre, not per house.