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Window coverings

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Felix Andrews
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Home Journey - This article is part of a series.
Part 5: This Article
It’s curtains folks.

For many years we did not have any window coverings. We didn’t want to detract from the architecture… and it seemed too hard. But cold wears you down.


My partner made these dramatic curtains. I love how they puddle, like a theatre curtain. They are a calico fabric, and linen backing. The slope is only 6 or 7 degrees, so there is no issue of the curtains sliding down.

Curtains Living room north.

The Family room curtains are in two parts which draw to the left and right. Velcro is used to hold them together in the middle when closed.

Curtains Family room south.

To take it to the next level, I found an insulating material, Insul-bright metallised polyester. This became the inner layer of a curtain in the study.

Study north curtain: fabric with “thermal coating” (reduces permeability); metallised polyester; linen back layer.

I made some cheap & cheerful DIY pelmets from PVC flashing.

DIY pelmet

Magnetic seals

Our doors never seem to be fully draught sealed no matter what I do to them. So to reduce the impact on winter nights we made curtains that could seal closed with magnetic tape. (Yes, the same magnetic tape used for acrylic secondary glazing.) The original adhesive seemed to work quite well, but when it started coming off I glued it on with Liquid Nails.

Study east curtain - open. Magnetic tape visible on the door frame.

At the top, we mounted these curtains flush against the wall.

Study east curtain - closed.

As well as sealing to the frame, the two halves seal together in the middle.

Back door curtain - centre seal.


For some other windows we had honeycomb (cellular) blinds professionally installed. These have a reputation for good thermal performance because they are close-fitting and have airgaps inside.

Double-cell blinds. I’m holding this out to show the cells; normally they sit back inside the frame.

This window is not rectangular so I had to make a shim.

Kitchen north blind

These ones in the Family room are high so need super long draw cords.

Family room high east blinds


Window coverings are nice for reducing heat loss on winter nights and just give a sense of cosy security.

The Insul-bright metallised polyester curtain in the study seems to be very effective. My work desk is right next to it. On hot summer days it provides immediate relief.

Home Journey - This article is part of a series.
Part 5: This Article