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Residential Efficiency Scorecard

For those wanting to improve their existing homes.

A Scorecard assessment looks at a home’s comfort and running cost. This includes the building design and construction as well as fixed appliances. You get a detailed certificate with a prioritised list of recommended upgrades. Read more at

Scorecard assessment for a Canberra home: $270.

  • Includes up to 2 hours on-site assessment.
  • Personal discussion of the findings and next steps.


For proposed new builds and renovations.

Best used early in the design process!

A NatHERS (National Home Energy Rating Scheme) assessment looks at the energy required to heat and cool a home, based on its design and construction, giving a rating out of 10 stars. The Whole of Home component also looks at energy use of fixed appliances. Read more at

NatHERS assessment for a Canberra home: $800.

  • Includes up to 2 hours of expert consulting on improving a design’s thermal comfort and efficiency.
  • Includes up to 2 revisions to plans.


For the unusual or perplexing.

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